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Everyday Computer Game Design Tasks Your daily work in a game design job will depend largely on the specific job path you take. You can choose to focus your work on any phase of the computer game design process, from the initial planning, to designing characters and environments, to programming. The following tasks are all part of producing an enjoyable video game: Designing elements such as characters, levels, puzzles, etc. Art and animation Coding and programming Project management (budgeting, time management, and communication with other departments) Testing and QA Skills Needed Enthusiasm and Knowledge – Just by playing video games, you've probably arleady absorbed more than you think about good game design. You've experienced first-hand which things frustrate users and which excite them. Experience and enthusiasm are definite assets for a game designer. You'll need both as you embark on a video game design career—which can require long hours and a commitment to staying on top of new developments in the game industry. Computer Skills – Technology is an integral part of the computer game design industry. Whether you're writing code or creating graphics, you'll definitely need technical knowledge and an aptitude for learning new software. Artistic Ability – Graphics, animation and story are crucial components of computer game design. They can make or break a user experience. Video game characters and virtual environments are more complex than ever, which means that artistic people are in demand in the video game industry. Teamwork – In a computer game design job, the odds that you'll work in isolation are extremely slim. There are a lot of moving parts in a game design project. You'll be cooperating with many people to meet goals and deadlines, and you'll need to communicate your ideas clearly and effectively, both verbally and in

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