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Objective: Select a material of your choice. Describe the properties, processing and applications of this material (not less than 2000 words and not more than 2250 words). Follow the format given below. Introduction Discuss about the material of your choice (metal, polymer, ceramic or composites). Describe the brief history of this material. Properties of Material Explain the properties of this material, for example: physical, chemical, mechanical, durability properties of the material (as applicable). Material processing List the various methods of processing of the material. Explain one particular method, which is very common in current manufacturing processes. What are the advantages of this method over the other methods? Conclusion Summarise briefly the commercial application of the material. Also describe the advantages of this material chosen. References In Harvard style, list the names of the books, websites, journals, or any source, you have used for preparing this assignment (Web link: Objective As part of assessment requirements in PROC5277C - Select Common Engineering Materials I have selected Graphene as the material to submit a literature review on its properties, processing and applications. Introduction Graphene is a form of the element Carbon termed an allotrope. Carbon is able to exist in a variety of physical structures, but graphene is a one-atom-thick, honey-comb lattice first observed in 1962. Multiple sheets of grapheme form graphite. This physical structure is found in other carbon allotropes: graphite, charcoal, carbon nanotubes and fullerenes. Graphene is considered to be a very important material with a the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010 awarded to two research scientists for their innovative experiments in graphene. Properties of Material Explain the

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