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Andrew Daughtery Mrs. Rush-Tucker English Honors 18 August 2011 Grapes of Wrath Response In the Grapes of Wrath, written by John Steinbeck, the American Dream is the inspiration for many of the families that had to leave because of the Dust Bowl. Everybody in Oklahoma lost their homes so they all left for California because they heard they could get a better life out there. The American Dream is the inspiration to find a better life and Rosasharn, Ma, and Al’s Dreams were explored. One economic ideal was how important a job was, and some social ideals were staying together as a family and having a roof over their head. The American Dream is the inspiration to pursue a better life for yourself. It was the driving force that kept the…show more content…
Ma was the one person who really kept the family from falling apart. Many times one of the family members would think they were causing trouble and want to leave, but Ma would convince them to stay. Uncle Tom often wanted to leave because he thought he brought bad luck to the family. Every time he threatened Ma and Pa never let him leave because they wanted the family to survive together. Tom also wanted to leave once because he killed a police officer and didn’t want his family to get in trouble. “Thinks all the trouble is aimed right smack at her. If I’m gonna get her upset like that I oughta go ‘long.”(Steinbeck 539). Having a place to call home was also important to the family. They learned to not take a roof over their head for granted because they often had to sleep in a tent. Because they had to move around a lot it was hard to find a good home with a roof to keep the cold or heat out. At the end of the book, they finally got lucky with a house and a boxcar to stay in. The Joad family was one of the many families who went to California because of the Dust Bowl and the American Dream. The American Dream is the motivation to get a better life for you and your family. Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath illustrates this motivation through his characters. Rosasharn, Ma, and Al’s Dreams were explored during their journey, and the family’s main economic and social ideals were the highlighted

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