Grapes of Rath

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SHORT ANSWER STUDY GUIDE QUESTIONS - The Grapes of Wrath Chapters 1-4 1. What does Steinbeck describe in Chapter 1? 2. Where was Tom Joad coming from and where was he going to when he hitched a ride with the truck driver? 3. What is the turtle's most outstanding characteristic? 4. Identify Jim Casy. 5. What ideas did Jim Casy come up with during his thinking time? 6. Why was Tom in jail, and what was his attitude towards his crime? Chapters 5-7 1. What was the Monster, and why could men not control it? 2. Identify Muley Graves. Chapters 8-9 1. About what does Uncle John feel guilty? 2. What is the first thing each of the Joads wants to know when Tom comes home? 3. Describe the relationship between Grandpa and Grandma. 4. What happened to Noah at his birth? 5. What does Steinbeck show us in Chapter 9? Chapters 10-12 1. What advice did Tom give Ma about worrying about the future? 2. What does Pa say about Jim Casy's coming along with the family? What does Ma say? Does Casy go? 3. How did Tom and Ma get Grandpa into the truck even though he didn't want to go? 4. Who all headed West on the Joad truck? 5. What does Steinbeck describe in Chapter 11? Chapters 13-14 1. Which of the passengers on the Joad truck was the first to be left behind? 2. Who were the Wilsons? Chapters 15-16 1. What plans have Connie and Rose of Sharon made? 2. What is Al's attitude problem? 3. Why does Ma revolt? 4. What discouraging news did the ragged man give Pa? Grapes of Wrath Study Question Continued Chapters 17-18 1. What did Pa and Tom learn from the men in the river? 2. To what decision did Noah come? 3. Why don't the Wilsons cross the desert with the Joads? 4. Why was Ma so feisty at the agricultural inspection station? Chapters 19-20 1. How did Casy help Tom out of trouble with the deputy sheriff? 2. Where and why did Connie go? Chapters 21-22 1. Why did Mr. Thomas lower the wages from

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