Grandpa's Sunday Service Essay

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In the book Cold Sassy Tree there was a big controversy over religion. Most of the town of Cold Sassy, Georgia never missed church on a Sunday. Grandpa Blakeslee on the other hand never really wanted to go to church. The only reason he went is because of his wife, Miss Mattie Lou. Even though he only went for Miss Mattie Lou he sort of kept going to church after she died. In the town of Cold Sassy nobody ever thought of remarrying after their wife passes away. Not Grandpa Blakeslee, he married Miss Love Simpson just three weeks after Miss Mattie Lou’s death. He told everybody it was because he needed a housekeeper and did not want to bother his own daughters to help him. ‘“I care bout you carin’ what they’ll say, Mary Willis. But I care a heap more bout not bein’ no burden on y’all. So hesh up.”’ (Chp.1: pg.5: quote by grandpa). He married Miss Love, but it comes to find out later in the book that he did not want her just as a housekeeper. He tells Miss Love that he in fact thought about her while Miss Mattie Lou was still alive. Grandpa Blakeslee actually considered that God was punishing him for thinking about Miss Love by taking Miss Mattie Lou away from him forever. “‘Then Miss Mattie Lou took sick, I got the scairt the Lord might take her to punish me for my sin. I ain’t never believed God was thet mean. But what if’n He was?’” (Chp.41: pg.301: quote by grandpa). If the people of Cold Sassy ever found that out Miss Love and Grandpa Blakeslee would have probably been banned from town. There was a lot of gossip going around about Miss Love after they got married, especially around the church, so Grandpa Blakeslee started preaching a sermon at his house on Sundays. Even though he did preach, he did not preach about things that a preacher at the church would preach about. “‘Well, next I preached bout the Virgin Birth. To my thinkin’, the birth ain’t the dang

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