Grand Theft Auto Violence Essay

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Sethypoo Ms. Derrick English 105 5 December 2013 Grand Theft Auto Violence Violence is a rather controversial topic particularly in this day and age where violence is considered to be a terrible thing. Violence is everywhere in our world always there searching for a way to come out and terrify an unsuspecting population. Video games are quickly becoming blamed for this trend in violent behavior. Video games were introduced into our world fairly recently and it caused a revolution in the fight against violence. Video games are often blamed for many violent actions. This has become a hotly debated topic in the world of video games one side claims that video games cause violence due to the immersive gameplay that can teach players violent actions and cause them to act out violently. However there is no evidence to support this. The only conclusive study to be done states that players do not learn violent behavior from video games. Violence is already out there it’s not learned it can be an instinct. Video games do not cause violence. Violence is a part of everyday life it’s something as humans we see every day maybe it’s in the form of actual physical violence or perhaps it’s on a television show, but one of the most prevalent sources of violence in our world is virtual violence. Virtual violence came along with the invention of video games. Video games are not always violent in nature but many are and in particular the Grand Theft Auto series is criticized for its violent content. Violence in real life is often blamed on different media forms but recently video games are considered to be the culprit do to the way that the players are immersed in the gameplay. There is no proof that video games cause violence outside the video game world, violence is always been there, always has and always will be. Video games are not the cause of this. Violence stems from

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