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The Grand Design PHI 208: Ethics and Moral Reasoning Name: Cynthia Johnson Instructor: Barbara Palomino de Velasco Date: October 7, 2013 The Grand Design For God’s Existence God’s existence. Where do we come from? Is there really life after death? Does God really exist and if so what is his plan, his design? These questions are what humankind has asked since the beginning. As a philosophy student and moreover as a Christian, I say he does exist and everything is a part of his grand design. Throughout this paper, we will discuss the grand design, how it stands up to the other arguments of the cosmological and ontological. Present the evidence, and why it shatters any other argument, and conceivably leave no doubt of Gods overall existence. Soren Kierkegaard stated that” Faith is a commitment of uncertainty; the greater the uncertainty the greater the faith.” Also he stated” the greatest faith of all is belief in the impossible and that the Christian religion shows this more than most. The Christian religion is absurd in its belief of God coming to earth”. (n.d., 2009-13). The grand design explains all this away in simple fashion. If God is the creator of all things and is in control of all things and its progress, then why can’t he/she come to earth as a person? God being the intellect behind everything has a plan for everything, including man, would definitely direct man’s path. For something to exist something had to create it. The universe in all its vastness and complexity had to come from somewhere. The question is how long has it taken to put together. Just as our text stated if someone gave you a TV set put in a paper bag, into pieces, how long would it take you as a person to gently shake and piece this television together? Now apply that same concept to this universe; our

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