Grand Central Station Art Comparison

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AS I was scouring New York City I came across New York Mercury Statue at Grand Central Station. I looked up and saw a beautiful archway with a statue right above it. I felt that this was very similar to two pieces of art that we have discussed in class, The Arch of Titus and Augustus of Primaporta. I believe that the reason why the architecture created this entrance at Grand Central Station very similar to the Augustus of Primaporta and the arch of Titus to show us how the strength of Mercury representing and honoring the strength of the people that built the building. Much like The statue of PrimaPorta how he is pointing the way to lead the people that support him. I believe the arch of Titus also is represented here as the entrance way is done so beautifully and intricate as it is the archway to your next destination. When looking at the New York Mercury and comparing it to the statue of Primaporta we see resemblances of going to war. As we look at it there is a sword being raised as if is headed to battle and leading the way. The statue of Primaporta is very similar as he is pointing forward with his feet angled in a way that he is ready to go. Along with the statue being pointed straight forward we see there is a little kid hanging on to the back of his clothing as if he is the leader leading the way. Aside from the statues on top of the building, where the statue lies is something else that caught my eye that resembled something in class. The archway seemed very similar to that of the Arch of Titus. The purpose of the arch was so people can pass through and on the inside of it there are some very detailed carvings. Much like the Arch of Titus the archway of Grand Central Station used for the same purpose, for people to travel from place to place importance of it Although the inside of the arch way of Grand Central Station doesn’t have detailed carvings like
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