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-Focuses on a the relationship between Walt Kowalski, a retired Korean War veteran & his Hmong neighbors -Ethnic gang violence takes over his neighborhood -Relationship starts off by Walt treating his neighbors with disrespect and makes racial comments towards them due to his past experiences at the Korean war -Walt develops as a character and we see his personal growth. This is seen through the way in which he takes the time to gain an insight into the family’s culture and develops a strong relationship with Thao. Further more, Walt finds himself defending Thao and teaching him masculine traits. He does this by getting him a job and taking him to the barber and teaching him how to speak to a man- confidence increases. -Different cultures and attitudes are seen throughout the movie. One in which is the attitude Walt has towards his next door neighbors at the beginning of the film. This develops as the film progresses as Walt learns that the family are very different to those in which he fought at war. In the end we see Walt takes his own life in order for Thao and Su to live a life free of the gang violence that had been occuring up to that point. -social values- patriotism, tolerance, neighbourliness ect. at first walt doesnt tolerate the hmong people that live next door until he understands that his stereotypical views on them to being like the soldiers he fought at war are challenged and he sees more to them than that. -Uses conflict to highlight the societal issues presented in the film. It creates suspense and persuades the viewers how to respond to the issues of: racism, family and the meaning of it and redemption. Racism- main idea, shown through the strong representation of the character of Walt who is the main character in the film. His bitterness, facial expressions and derogatory language in which he uses towards the hmong family are examples of

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