Gran Torino Essay

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English 30-1 Robert Brault quotes, “In the end, who among us does not want to be a little less right to be a little less lonely? We never know at first what impacts a new relationship will have on us. In the film, Gran Torino directed by Clint Eastwood the protagonist, Walt Kowalski, is an embittered old bigotry, a Korean war veteran who change his outlook on the world because of a relationship he gradually develop with his neighbor. Initially, Walt is a close-up racist who just wants to be left alone; however, he is compelled into a relationship reluctantly, which is the beginning of change in his attitude and his life style. Consequently his bigotry is amputated to the point where he found himself at peace, when his neighbor falls vulnerable to the hands of gang members, He made an ultimate sacrifice. For the relationship he develops with them as well as the freedom of their lives. Through Walt’s journey, the idea is clear that people can have a very brutal outlook on the world, because of a horrifying experience they had in the past; however interactions with other people can soften their idea and change their perspective. Walt Kowalski is a retire old veteran who fought in the Korean war, A negative past experience will often cause people to have a bitter outlook in the world. Walt Kowalski is an angry, old man who just wants to be left alone. We can clearly see that he want to be isolated, through his words but especially through his actions. His rejections to confession which was his wife request, suggest that his wife knows that there is something horrible he carries within him that he has not been able to let go of, which is why she requested that he goes for confession. When Father Jehovah; who had promise his wife he would look after him came to his door step, to pay him a visit, instead of welcoming his with warm embrace, especially, at the time

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