Gran Torino Essay

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1.) This is the kind of movie you can watch 100 times and still pick up something new each time you watch it. I've watched it twice so far, and it's my favorite movie. - Walt (clint eastwood) is a grumpy old polish man, who seems to have a negative view on everything he does. Throughout the movie, however, he proves that he is a great person, and people misjudge him. He has a good heart and wants to protect Taou (sp?), even though he is racist against Asians. He fought a war in Korea, and killed several men. He explains to Taou that killing is horrible, and he thinks about it every day. He has a lighter with his military division on it, and that is a HUGE symbol throughout the movie. This replaces the gun that Eastwood carries in other movies. At the end of the movie, he goes the the Hmong gang house, and gets killed. As he reaches for his lighter inside his coat pocket, the Hmong mistake it for a gun and shoot him. The scene ends with a zoom-out of his hand with the lighter in it. The lighter has a symbol on it that represents his Military division when he fought the war in Korea. We get the impression that Walt goes to the Hmong house to kill them, but he didnt even bring a gun. He knew he was going to die. This point can be proved because he went to confession before he went there. Also, he locked Taou in his basement so he wouldnt see him get killed. Lastly, he brought his dog over to Taou's house so they would have it. Walt intentionally (controversial) reached for his lighter to make it seem as a gun, and he knew they would kill him. The symbolism in this movie is

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