Graff's Argumentative Essay

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Week Date Assignments 1 8/26 Course introduction. Policies and Procedures. 2 8/29 Introduction to Academic Conversation Read: TSIS Preface, Introduction, and Ch. 11 and FYW pp. xi-xix (FYE policies) Diagnostic Essay 2 8/31 Introduction to Argument Read: FYW Ch. 1: A Perspective on Argument and TSIS Ch. 1. Due: RR #1 on Review Question 2 p. 21. Last day for late registration 2 9/2 The Rhetorical Situation Read: FYW “The Rhetorical Situation” pp. xx-xxiii. 3 9/5 No Class: Labor Day Holiday 3 9/6 OneBook Kickoff Talk by Tim Henry at 12:00 noon in Bluebonnet (in UC). 3 9/7 Appeals Read: FYW Ch. 3: Supporting Claims: Appealing to Ethos, Pathos, and Logos; Graff’s, “Hidden Intellectualism” in TSIS pp. 198-205. Due: RR#2: Identify Graff’s argument and analyze how he supports it with ethos, pathos, and logos appeals. 3 9/9 Discourse Community Analysis Read: DCA Assignment in FYW pp. xxiv-xxvii, SFW pp. 13-14 review TSIS…show more content…
4 9/12 Discourse Community Analysis (DCA) Read: SFW pp. 15-46. Due: Invention writing on DCA. Census Date: Last day to withdraw without a W 4 9/14 Review and discuss sample DCA. Discuss peer review. Read: Sample DCA in FYW pp. xxviii-xxx, and “Understanding Your Instructor’s Comments” and “FYE Evaluation Rubric” in SFW pp. xxiii-xxix. Due: First draft of DCA. 4 9/16 In-class work on DCA. Assign peer review groups. Due: Second draft of DCA. 5 9/19 In-class work on DCA. Due: Peer review feedback on DCAs. 5 9/21 Reading Response and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Read: FYW Ch. 10: Reading, Thinking, and Writing About Issues; review ILHL study guide and libguide; read ILHL “Prologue” pp. 1-7. 5 9/23 Discuss strengths and weaknesses of DCA. Read around. Due: Discourse Community Analysis Final Draft 6 9/26 The Rhetorical Situation and ILHL Read: ILHL pp. 8-92, TSIS Ch. 2-3, and SFW pp. 233-48. Due: RR #3: ??? 6 9/28 The Rhetorical Situation and ILHL Read: ILHL pp. 93-143, TSIS Part

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