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Graffiti is Art! “I say graffiti is art. It take a lot of talent to do, I just wish people would do it legally.” says Mark mcCaslin, Lt. detective of the Ark city police station. To most graffiti is vandalism and should be punished but if cites would do more to set up legal places to do it people would not be so driven to do it illegally. Punishments for graffiti are to strict, you shouldn't go to jail for only 500 dollars of damage on a first offense. If Picasso would have painted one of his master pieces on a wall as a way to express how he felt more publicly would you have thrown him in jail for vandalism and denied his art? That's all graffiti is. America spends more than eight billion annually to clean up graffiti. If we would set up more places to graffiti legally costs of removal would significantly drop. There are several legal walls, but they're scattered and to few to make a big impact. Rudy Giuliani, former Meyer of New York city made the 'Anti-graffiti task force', an entire division of police specific to catching graffiti artists. How will an added cost of employment help cut down on graffiti when it adds costs of removing it and motivates them to voice their opinion the police? Shouldn't we spend that money on better things like building the economy or catching murderers or even on research? On a first offense of procession of heroine an individual gets a year in jail and a 1,000 dollar fine, on a first offense of graffiti an individual gets one to three years in prison and a fine 1,000-2,500 dollars.(bian) The first offense f graffiti laws are stricter than possession of heroine laws. Graffiti laws are to austere. They're to busy focusing on the negative instead of the positive, Either they need to do more to legalize it or lighten the charges. If Leonardo devinche would have spray painted something on your fence would you have

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