Graduation Speech: Mount Union

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Mount Union: The College You Thought You Knew You walk the sidewalks of Mount Union and walk the halls of the buildings. But how well do you really know Mount Union? Could you tell me one fact about each building? Do you know how many miles of sidewalk there really are? I have had time to talk to Mike Bondoni: The Grounds Supervisor here at Mount Union College and I have interviewed him on the things he knew about the grounds of our college. I have also spent many hours in KHIC learning more about the college we all attend but really know little about. Mount Union has a variety of buildings and scenery that make it a unique place for a college experience. I have recently learned some interesting facts and history behind the buildings, lake, and the grounds that I would like to share with you today.…show more content…
It holds thirty regular classes, thirty faculty offices, and an audio visual room. It also houses the original seal of the school and as many of you already know the seal holds a curse. If you step on the seal on the day of your exams it is said that you will fail your exam. True? Maybe, but Chapman hall is still only one of many buildings here at MUC but has its place on the campus. The final building I will talk about is the Hoover Price Campus Center. Also known as the HPCC, it is one of the more recent buildings, built in 1962 and was named after its primary donors Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Price. The HPCC, also known as the extracurricular heart of the campus, holds the KresegeCourt, Campus Grounds, the campus radio station, student mail boxes, and the student affairs offices. Although the buildings of the college are a main attraction the scenery around campus also make it a unique place to
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