Graduation Speech Essay

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* Graduation Speech My fellow classmates, we only arrived here four short years ago, and now it's already time for us to depart; and we’re all wondering how long exactly where the time went. It seems like only yesterday that we were the bottom of our school trying to figure out where our next class was, and looking generally clueless to all the upper classmen. Now we are the upperclassmen, the seniors who stand here ready to graduate and move forward in the world. We’re the ones telling freshman about the third floor. Yet at this seminal moment, we can't help looking back. . How do we measure the time we've spent in high school? In the beginning, we measured it in class periods, counting down the day to eventual freedom. Most of us have grown from this experience, making us better candidates for our future. Those of us that stand here today shown the potential to go off and do great things. As the days and weeks passed, we measured it in semesters, and later in years as we moved from being freshmen, to becoming sophomores who thought they had it all figured out. By the time we reached our junior year, we were sure that we were prepared to take over for the graduating seniors, and we couldn't wait to "rule the school." Personally, being the theatre kid that I am, couldn’t wait to take over the roles of my successors. And now here we stand. Our rule is over, and it's up to the next class to step into our shoes and take over. I can’t say that I’m too sure where we go from her, I can’t even guarantee that I shall you all in the future. Which is why we should all make a mental note of this moment right her. Right here in this moment is when we take the first step into adulthood. I know that as I look out at all of you, I will measure my time here in a much different way. I will measure it in all the friendships I've enjoyed these last four years. I must admit as I
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