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My Graduation Speech Esteemed faculty, parents and fellow graduates, welcome to the East Bakersfield High School graduation, Class of 2012. As we’ve grown through these years we are taught one thing...Openness. We should be open to responsibility, creativity and work. Responsibility for our hygiene, choices we make-whether right or wrong, people we associate ourselves with and homework. We have been exposed to time management, binder checks and difficult decisions. Our teachers have encouraged us to open our minds and be “creative.” We have tried our best to show our creative side, whether it was writing an essay in English, taking pictures with friends or showing our school spirit at games, rallies or other events. The administration and teachers have told us we need to be open to work: hard work, homework, work to get into college or fulfilling our dreams. Well fellow graduates, we have put in the hard work to get us to where we are tonight. We have utilized all the tools we have been given all these years and now we are on the cusp of greatness. We are now standing in front of the real world “EXPOSED”. I am grateful that EBHS exposed me to what may lay ahead and I stand here confident that we are equipped to meet the challenge head on and let the world know, “we are ready, we are coming, so bring us the best you have!” In closing, I’d like to say this day isn't for us, but for the people that have sacrificed for us to have a proper education so we can become something that is greater than this world! Therefore, I want to thank Principal Lee Vasquez for his hard work and dedication to the student body here at East High, my parents for exposing me to many life lessons and to my fellow graduates, who tonight we stand as the East Bakersfield High School graduating class of 2012.

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