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I stand before you today not to merely recite a pre-rehearsed speech, but to reminisce on the memories we have accumulated during these four amazing years here at Piner High School. It seems like just yesterday we were those freshman running through the halls of Piner trying to find all of our classes not realizing that five minutes of passing time is sufficient enough to walk across campus at the slowest pace known to man and still make it on time to class. The seniors of previous classes have given us advice on how to approach high school and if there is any advice that we as the current senior class should pass down to underclassman it should be the same advice we have been given these past four years, “Enjoy every last minute of high school because it will be over in the blink of an eye and every school year seems to go by faster than the last.” These past four years have provided us with more memories than many have in a lifetime. Who could forget beating Cardinal Newman in the NBL Basketball Championship our freshman year or listening to the amazing accomplishments of Luis Luna and the rest of the cross country team for placing third in the state over the announcements every week. A prominent memory in all of our heads that I certainly will never forget was going undefeated in the spirit yell at rallies during our junior and senior years. Who could forget about Giovanni Espinosa’s fabulous efforts at the state Poetry Out loud competition or all of the awards and recognition that our astounding programs and pathways at Piner received such as our Early College Magnet Program, Geospatial Technology Pathway, and Health Science Investigations. For all the culinary students, it was a tremendous accomplishment to beat Maria Carrillo in the John Ash culinary competition our junior year. All of these memories have helped to shape how we are defined as a senior

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