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My 6th grade Graduation when I was in the Philippines There are so many events happened in my life and most of them consist to be an important part of my life. I think the event which influent me most is my graduation when I was 6th Grade in the Philippines. April 16, 2011, I graduated elementary and received my diploma after all hard work and writing. The Master of the Ceremony start talking about what we did funny, bad, and unforgettable. The Principal deliver her speech, we sang our Graduation song which is “The Climb”. After that we went to the Parents area and gave our Parents a flower and cards as a Thank You gift The Supervisor gave me the diploma I fell the achievement and victory. We sang another song called “If we hold on together”. After that we started to tear, looking at those funny faces of my friends, also shedding tears and mixed emotion of happiness and sadness. We started hugging each other, felling that warmth for one last time. During these crazy years, I have made countless memories. All of these are so special to me. A few minutes later the Principal called me and announced that Saint Mary’s Academy gave me a four years scholarship. I was shock and surprise that time I don’t know what to do and what to say. When my graduation is over we went home. My dad invited my God Parents and our other relatives to come eat with us. My mom and dad cook alot of Filipino food . They cooked Kare-kare, Pansit and more… The food smells good and delicious but some of it is not my type. After all I still enjoy my graduation. “WITHOUT LOVE, DEEDS, EVEN THE MOST BRILLIANT, COUNT AS NOTHING.” – Saint Therese Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Study with LOVE, go to school with LOVE and live with LOVE you’ll success. No one can

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