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What would be a crazy day to graduate on? I graduated this year on Friday the 13th. Now this day is supposed to be like a cursed day. A lot of people were freaking out about this. You do not want to graduate on this day. I how however was not as worried about this. I just see it more as a normal day. When you are graduating it is supposed to be a big deal in your life. You are in school for 12 grades. Now most of us want to head off to college. The senior year is supposed to be the cherished year. It should be one of your best years in your life. You work hard at school every year for this big year. I enjoyed my senior year a lot. I was getting out of school early so it was not even bad. I kind of was starting to slack a little more in school however. Graduation practice was the day before actual graduation. I find out that it is suppose to rain for two days. So I get all ready to go to practice and it is raining. The practice is being held inside the school gym. The principle tells us we are going to practice for graduation as if it were to be held inside. Everyone is disappointed with hearing this news we did not want to be the only class to graduate inside. This made it worse sense we were graduating on Friday the 13th. So we go over how everything will happen tomorrow. It was so boring just sitting there waiting for everything. I sat at the school for an hour and a half. I go home get some lunch then go to work to get ready for the next day. The next day when I wake up it is already raining. So I am already assuming that graduation is going to be held inside. I just stay at home all day waiting for the rain to stop. The problem was I could not figure if they were going to have it inside or not. Luckily it stopped raining 30 minutes before we had to meet at the fields. Everyone was calling each other to tell us to go to the fields. I get all ready then

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