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“Graduation” is a short story written by Maya Angelou in 1969. During that period of time, white people had discrimination against the colored ones. Maya herself is the narrator of the story, and this story is about her experience during a graduation ceremony and the culture of her local community. Being an African American, she has suffered the cultural unfairness. Although their school was not as good as the white people’s schools, their social class level was always on the bottom and they had no control over their own lives. However, she did not give up fighting for her future and her fate. Angelou creates a persona that is hard-working, indomitable, passionate, and contradictory. Maya Angelou is hard-working and smart. Good students are expected to work hard and get good grades, and good grades are usually from the result of hard working. “No absence, no tardiness’s, and my academic work was among the best of the year” (867). She emphasizes that she has never missed one class or even one minute of school time, which obviously is an excellent student’s manner; therefore, she certainly deserves a good grade. “Louise and I had rehearsed the exercises until we tried out ourselves” (867). As we can see, she treats everything seriously instead of perfunctory. Additionally, she has earned her “hard-earn diploma” (867) in the ceremony, in which I can see that she wants to reveal to readers that her diploma is not easy to earn, she has made tremendous effort to make that achievement. “I have admired him for a long time because each term he and I vied for the best grade in our class” and she adds, “I reckoned, sufficiently afraid or sufficiently dull could be polite. But to be able to operate at a top level with both adults and children was admirable” (867). It implies that she is a smart person who is able to see others’ strength to improve her. Those evidences

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