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“Graduation” “Graduation” was a nice quick read that I thought had a little bit of everything in it. There was excitement, disappointment, anger, etc., and the unique tones that were used to describe the events in when they occurred were interesting because this girl graduating high school in a very difficult time to do so had such a great attitude. Even though she lived in the “negro” era, Angelou seemed like anything and everything were fine. Other than the fact that racism was highly strung at this time, graduating from high school is still a very celebratory kind of event. It stands growing up and starting to figure out what one would want to do with their lives. Personally, I thought that this essay showed how awful this period of time was for African- Americans. The timeline of Angelou getting ready for her time of celebration was getting me, the reader, ready and excited for the upcoming event. How Angelou described her hair and her fancy dress was made and where it was made was amazing to have such a vivid photo engraved in my head. I can relate to “Graduation” because when I graduated from high school I shared the same excitement and anticipation that Angelou and all of her fellow classmates did. But what I was most excited about was getting to officially start the beginning of a new and improved chapter in my life. The essay, “Graduation” had an amazing sense of what it felt like to not only graduate high school, but also start a new

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