Graduation Essay

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The names Riyad and I’m blessed I’ve gotten to graduate from Saints Mary & Joseph School. I find it astonishing how someone could feel so personally connected to all the teachers, students, staff, & parents. I greatly appreciate everything they have done for my school and I. Looking back at the past 10 years of my life, I’ve seen how everyone has grown and changed; but only for the best. When I really take the time to think about it I wouldn’t want to grow and mature with any other class. Together we’ve been through so much, and we’re nowhere near done growing and developing the knowledge and skills we need to know for the future. Two of the most important things we’ve learned throughout our journey so far are acceptance & respect. Without these two values, it would’ve been a lot harder for us to make it through our 8th grade year. Respect was probably the first thing we all learned growing up. Our parents, older siblings, family, and teachers knew that it would make life so much easier in the future when they taught us about respect. Respect is more then just not talking when someone else is talking; it’s listening and taking in what the other person is saying. Without respect it would’ve been ten times harder to make it passed primary school, and we definitely wouldn’t have made it where we are today successfully; just months away from our freshmen year of high school. One of the key things to life is acceptance. To be able to get to know someone without judging them by their beliefs, likes, dislikes or even their looks will get you pretty far in life; because lets face it why judge a book by its cover? Our class is very fortunate to have the knowledge we have because though we are only fourteen and fifteen years old, being able to accept people makes us seem a little more mature then most students our age. In fact I feel that it’s

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