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Graduation from College Today as I role out of bed I realize it’s the day of my graduation from the Art Institute of California. I will remember for the rest of my life this College will always bring such great memories to me but this is not the end but really just the beginning. Come 2014 I’ll be leaving for the first time, and living out my dreams in the real world for the first time. I’m afraid. Everything is going to be new, the place I work at and networking with new people. I’ve known most of my friends here my whole life and I will never forget. We’ve watched each other grow, in taking up different majors. I thank everyone friends, teachers and networking with others, I don’t think I could have made it this far without the help of all of you. Becoming the young lady I am as of today, is finally here but looking back at everything only takes a second. I will carry the memories and moments I shared, that the Art Institute has given me for the rest of my life. The Art Institute has been the place of all my firsts, experiences with networking, interesting roommates, partying and nothing will ever change that. Life here on this inventure seems like it has no end and no beginning. I might have been sheltered by a lot and maybe that’s a good thing but now I’m going to the real world, and letting my life start. And to those who have been there, thank you, to those who told me I would not make it, thank you for making me stronger, for those have creolized me, thank you for teaching me, and for those who have loved me, thank you for caring. Teachers, friends, relatives have always told me to try new things, and leaving this journey is going to be the start of that. I just wish it didn’t mean leaving everyone behind. Some of you are as close as family and those who aren’t , I still feel that you

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