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Maria Habib College Essay Period 1st A lot of people really impacted my life. Some left their footprints and some their shadows were gone once they were gone. These people could have been friends, family, teachers, and even bosses too. My dad is one of these people whose footprints are still there and will always be there. He sacrificed a lot. He lives in Egypt by himself to provide us with shelter. I remember when I was like 3 years old; He would take me in his car and have to drive until I fell asleep. When I wouldn’t eat; He would take me to the zoo and feed me while I was feeding the animals. He sacrificed a lot when he gave us the opportunity to move up to Texas and left my mom entrusted over us. I call him every day. Sometimes I start crying when I hear his voice and how ill he is, but he still doesn’t want to crush my dreams and my life by asking me to move back to Egypt. I always wonder who cooks for him or who makes sure he sleeps with a cover on. As I write now I start crying. I remember he had a heart surgery and didn’t tell me because he knew I would leave everything to take the first flight to Egypt to make sure he is ok. Last summer, when I was in Egypt, was the only time that I sat and we had this long conversation about many things. I felt depressed because our conversation lasted for only few hours before my flight back to Texas. It was time to say goodbye; my eyes were full of tears. I felt like I wouldn’t see him again. I get really mad whenever I ask him to do something and he says no, but every time I am positive he knows what’s best for me. If it wasn’t for my dad; I probably wouldn’t be writing this easy. I remember when he came to Texas in the summer of 2009 and his phone didn’t stop ringing morning and evening. He

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