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Competitiveness of English graduates on the job market Thesis Statement: Thesis statement: With the fierce competition on the job market, English graduates are confronted with lots of competitiveness and stress, for which we need to find out the right solutions to survive and develop ourselves better. Outline: 1. Introduction 2. The fierce competition of the job market. 2.1 The present situation of the International environment 2.2 Features of the domestic job market. 3. The demands of the English graduates and the employer. 3.1 The knowledge structure and the curriculum design of the English graduates. 3.2 Comparison between the students of English Major and other majors. 3.3 The increasing demands of the enterprises 4. The advantage and the disadvantage of the competitiveness on the job market. 4.1The advantage of the competitiveness on the job market. 4.1.1 Promot the graduates to develop themselves better. 4.1.2 Urge the enterprises to improve the structure of production and strengthen their anti-risk capability. 4.2 The disadvantage of the competitiveness on the English graduates themselves and the enterprises. 4.3 the measures to adjust and deal with the competitiveness on the job market. 5. Conclusion 1. Introduction: In recent years, as we all know, more and more English majors have graduated from the university. Many of them even make great achievement in their field. As a result, the competitions on the job market are becoming fiercer and fiercer. Since the beginning of the 21st century, more and more enterprises have been established in China, including national and foreign companies, which have led to fierce competitions among the graduates. In addition, joining WTO means China is open to the world and also world is open to China. So kinds of foreign language graduates are
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