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There are many definition of grade inflation. Alfred Kohn defines grade inflation as “an upward shift in students’ grade point averages without a similar rise in achievements.” (Lester H. Hunt, 2008, xv) Princeton views the upward shit in grade point averages as reflection of the lenient approach taken by professors and educational institutions to the grading system. Princeton wants to deflate the grades since inflation gives advantage to students who receive a high grade a department where grades are inflated. At the same time, it prejudices students who receive average grade point averages in certain departments which do not have grade inflation. A cursory look at the new policy in Princeton reveals that it is not beneficial to the students. Neither is it beneficial to the professors or the educational institutions in general. First, it places tremendous amount of pressure to the students to prepare for their exams and paper works. Because students know that the number of A’s to be handed out is limited, it discourages them to help other students or competitors who may need help. It must be stressed that it has become the practice among students to help each other out during exams as an act of camaraderie. I think, one reason for the improvement in the grade point averages in educational institutions is the level of camaraderie existing in educational institutions which was not present in the past. Nowadays, there are lecture notes available for students. Elder fraternity members prepare notes for the younger fraternity members. Discussion groups are being organized to assist other students who cannot cope with the discussions in class. Now, the practice of camaraderie is under threat of being discontinued in view of the pressure being placed byPrincetonon the students. It may also force students to resort to different tactics just so they could have an

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