Graded Unit Essay

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Planning Introduction The wild duck hotel is popular traditional hotel which is located 5 mile from a busy motorway. I have been appointed as the new General Manager of the hotel. The hotel has been passing under several problems. The new owners Mr & Mrs Morrison are concerned at the lack of control producers in all operational areas with no proof of purchases, food sales, gross profit achieved etc. And in discussion with the new owners problems have been identified. Low sale figures Staffing Product Customer care Service Leadership Control refurbishment Having already identified key problem areas I have been given the task to improve sales and efficiency in the short term and to look the future development of the hotel in the longer term. Select/identify key tasks Staff Selection Recruitment Induction Policy and procedures Management Operation chart Training Planning Organisation Motivation Communication Quality system Product Standard Recipes Photograph Shadowing Product knowledge Financial Cost involved Legislation Food hygiene Health and safety Employer’s responsibility Employment law Customer care Strategies Complaints handling Environment Marketing Task in priority Legislation Management Staff Financial Marketing Environment Quality system Customer care Action plan Task Research and information sources Start date End date Legislation acas employment law Smoking, Health and Social Care (Scotland) Act 2005 Licensing Scotland act 2005 Fire Scotland act 2005 29/09/10 Management Acas, case study, course note, work experience Staff Acas ,work experience , note book ,case study Financial internet source, note book Marketing Website , note book, case study Quality system

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