Grade Point Average: Effects Of Drugs On College Students

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Drugs on Grade Point Average The use of all sorts of drugs occurs on campuses world-wide. Every school you go to has students who perform in illegal activities such as smoking marijuana and harder drugs. The question this study is answering is when to draw the line between ingesting these drugs and how the effect your mind and grades in school. Background The growing issue across the United States is the growing use of marijuana. More people smoke the drug today than ever before even if it is illegal. Some states have decriminalized it allowing for simple possession and consumption, but the others still believe there are many problems with allowing the use of drugs. People believe marijuana makes everyone carefree and lazy, and…show more content…
"Roughly 85-90% of all recorded episodes of drug use reported by the sample involved marijuana alone and only slightly more than 1 instance in 10 of illegal drug use involved the combined use of any and all drugs apart from marijuana." Grades were almost identical for the total abstainers and those who had used marihuana once or more: 32% of the users and 33% of the abstainers had a B GPA or better. "The highest grades were earned by the casual and infrequent marijuana smoker, and the lowest by the heaviest user; the abstainer earned only slightly higher grades than the heavy user. This data suggest that the amotivational syndrome is far from inevitable or even typical in illegal college drug use and that it may be associated only with heavy drug use. But the data do not show whether the relationship between grades (as a measure of achievement) and drug use is a biochemical, a psychological, or a sociocultural phenomenon, or whether drug users in college are a preselected group as regards academic potential; some minimal degree of drug use could conceivably lower their grades to the level of their less talented abstaining peers. Moreover, the data do not show whether the relationships described and analysed here have any relevance for very different populations such as the very young, or residents of slum areas." (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved)Overview NOTE: these are at a minimum • Conceptual framework: The study was driven by the thought that mind altering drugs have a negative effect on studies. • Hypothesis: Students will have higher grade point averages if they limit the use of marijuana and not use harder drugs such as heroin and cocaine. • Method: Questionnaire given to a random selection of 560 college

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