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In a study done in 1987 it was found that lower achieving schools had the most grade inflation. The lower achieving schools had higher a higher grade point average then higher achieving schools do because the standards they have for the students to meet are much lower (Bainbridge, Thomas, 1997). Teachers in universities may use grade inflation to help their reputation, and the reputation of the university they teach at. Some teachers may use grade inflation to avoid receiving a bad course evaluation, which would most likely result in fewer students enrolling in their course. Teachers may feel like they have to lower their standards because of the pressure inflicted by the school, students and parents (Wikipedia contributors, 2006 ). Teachers in some universities feel obligated to meet student’s expectations in their class and give them a better grade then they may deserve. They also may think that it makes them popular with the students if they give them higher grades. It is not right for teachers to give these students all of this praise when they do not really deserve it. Especially if is only to get the students to think better of the teacher and have a better opinion of them or to just make the teacher feel better about themselves. Which in reality students are more likely to remember the teachers that challenged them rather then the ones who handed them the grade and they didn’t have to work for it. Grade inflation should be looked down on but it has become such a routine today that no one realizes what is really happening and they do not understand why it is such a problem or how it affects the students (Mansfield, 2001). Grades should reflect how a student is doing in the class, their knowledge, how well they understand the material being taught in the class and if the teacher has been successful in teaching the material to the student. Grade inflation makes

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