Grade C Essay

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Up in the dark misshaped misty hills lay a town clinging on the ramparts of Bonifacio. Built on the spur of the ridged mountain gazing across the rockstrewn straits to the low low-lying coast of Sardinia there lived the notorious Paolo Saverini, the darkest and deadliest hard- hearted man who was feared by all. In his small blood painted mean house with the hollow winds whistling like a dog slowly been agonisingly crushed, of which some say are all the ghosts of Paolo’s brutal killings coming back to haunt him. Paolo was much hatred around bonifacio and Sardinia for his vicious killings and putting fear in all who dared to live in the towns, apart from his old friend and companion in crime Nicolas Ravolati who was once best friends until the deadly killing of his daughter of witch Paolo couldn’t keep his hands of the ladies, skinning her head to toe leaving her for dead to the matt black vultures that few around the cliffs of bonifacio tearing her limb by limb apart like taking a jigsaw to peace’s making the once bright yellow beach painted blood red and left of peace’s of her body left to be washed away by the raging waves of the sea . From that day Nicolas swore he would avenge her sic-kingly killing taking the life’s of Paolo Saverini and his son Antoine Saverini. Waiting for his time strike! It was an ice cold shivering morning down at the abandent docks of bonifacio, where Paolo was seeing the arrival of his new pride and joy pistol witch not to his knowledge was going to be the last minutes of his life. As the boat arrived steadily pulling against the old broken docks Paolo creaked his way along the wooden boards when he felt a tap on his shoulder, he turned round to see the face of Nicolas and two men stud beside him holding knife. Nicolas and two men bet Paolo viscously to floor torturing him against the old fallen to bits dock for the killing of his

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