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When deciding on which topic I wanted to write about for my special occasion speech, I decided to do the graduation of my class in 2018. Although this special occasion is in the future, it really made me think about how time flies so quickly and I want to be able to enjoy every second of it and not count down the time. At my high school graduation, the speeches were so touching and inspiring and I would love to one day be the one to give such a moving and powerful speech to a mass amount of people, especially my classmates. I truly think my audience will approve and be very interested in my topic. It is a speech that we all look forward to because it is a turning point into another life. It really speaks for a lot of people and could inspire my audience. When delivering my speech, I would love to make direct eye contact with many of the people. When the speaker addresses the audience personally, it really adds a new tone and mood to the speech and makes the audience more involved and interested. Congratulations to the Michigan State University class of 2018! Although I am standing here in front of all of you and only recognize about less than half of your faces, I am honored to be here today. Being apart of such a big school should be such an exciting thing for us all. It is like another community, a home away from home. However, being here and everywhere, it is crazy how everyone spends their time counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds of everything. Time is precious and our time here is almost over. It feels like yesterday I was counting down the seconds of my last math lecture or calculating how many more minutes I have to sleep before walking roughly 30 minutes to class. This is a bittersweet moment; however enjoy these last days, hours, minutes and seconds we all have together. Who knows what will happen within your next time frame, but

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