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Show how Grace Nichol’s poetic style makes her poems interesting and what they tell is about the is about the life of a person from a different culture. In this essay I am going to examine the poetry of grace Nichols to see how she how she portrays the life of a Caribbean lady who comes to England. Grace Nichols is born in Guyana in 1950, and lived there for 27 years working as a reporter. She moved to England in 1977.The main theme is Grace Nichols poem in a mix of Caribbean dialect and Standard English. In the poem “Where I hang me knickers” there is a lot of Caribbean dialect for etc “Now, after all this time I get accustom to de English life But I still miss back-home side” I think she did this used this because that is the Caribbean dialect. In the poem “My gran visits England” there is not a lot of Caribbean dialect. I think she did this because Plus it is set in England so she is sort of understanding are dialect. In the poem “Wha me mudder do” there is a lot of Caribbean dialect I think she has done this because her mum lives in the Caribbean and its for her plus it is in the right dialect also it is kind of funny for etc me mudder chase bad cow wit one shoo. “Wha Mudder do” has a fast rhythm whilst “De man” it has a slow rhythm. One of the poem that use’s rhyme is ‘Wha me mudder do’ there is a lot of rhyming in that of rhyming is inland man it is effective because it give a sense of order. In the poem ‘de man’ she describes him as a tree for example him roots strike deep .him trunk stand tall him branch spread wide de man will represent you so you should represent him. “Wha me mudder do” the mood is funny and cheerful plus thankful for her mum for example me mother chase cow wid one shoo. I think a Caribbean person is funny and laid back plus proud to be Caribbean you can tell this by the poem
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