Grace by Elizabeth Scott - Chapter Summary

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Chapter summary Chapter 1: Grace has left home and she is on board a train with false papers together with a boy that she knows as Kerr. She is on the run and she has been told to pretend that Kerr is her brother. Chapter 2: Grace thinks back on the events that led up to her escape. She remembers the pain she felt when Chris, the man who helped her before her mission, cut off her braids and dyed her hair so that she would not attract attention in Keran Berj’s part of the country. Keran Berj would have killed her instantly if he knew she was one of the People. Chapter 3: As the train travels through the desert Grace starts reflecting over her decision to escape. She realizes that there is no turning back now. There are soldiers watching her every move and she has nowhere to go but forward. Chapter 4: Grace thinks about home, how she was raised to be an Angel and how she never managed to accept her destiny like the other girls at the Angel House did. She also starts reflecting over how she was supposed to die pregnant. According to the People, that was how the best Angels died. Before she has had time to finish her thought, she is abruptly brought back to reality by some soldiers who want to see her and Kerr’s papers. Chapter 5: Grace is only 16 years old, a child, but yet she was sent to die. The People of the Hills, the people she grew up with, believed that her death would help ending the brutal era of Keran Berj and therefore she had no choice but to go face her destiny. Chapter 6: Grace thinks about the mission she was given by the People. She was raised to be a suicide bomber, an Angel, and her target was the Minister of Culture. The People told her that her death would be painless but Grace found it hard to believe. She knew too well the pain from the many wounds she had received during her years of training. Chapter 7: The greatest

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