grace and truth

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Grace and Truth defines grace to be favor, goodwill, as well as mercy, clemency and pardon. Pardon is really important in this definition because it describes how God can offer forgiveness to someone who has made a mistake and let them go without the proper consequences.(Genesis 6 :8, Genesis 39:4) God is Described as offering Unmerited favor. Unmerited means not deserved. God shows us that when we make mistakes that we don't deserve favor but because he has given us favor already we are offered grace as well. defines truth to be a veritable or indisputable fact, as well as honesty, integrity and truthfulness. God is a being with so much integrity that anything he tells us or does we can take it as being totally true and indisputable.(Psalm 33:4, Galatians 2:5, John 14:6). Revelation is what is always there but has been unveiled in your eyes, you now see what has always been there. false puts a veil, truth takes it away, and it lets you see what the raw fact of the matter is grace being the revelation. Truth is that grace is offered to everyone with salvation even though we don't deserve it (John 3:16). lie is that god doesn't forgive (there are so many lies), god is angry, god punishes you etc.(Proverbs 12:17-19) How grace relates to truth is that it is offered to us no matter what. we are the ones that have to accept it. Where there is truth there is a lie which is told to pull us away. The lie in this topic is not that we are undeserving of grace, but rather that God doesn't want to offer us a pardon. We don't deserve it. But God's word is true and his word says that he offers salvation and freedom to all who are willing to follow him. (John3:16) as stated in John 1:17 grace and truth both come through God. The NIV Study Bible Gospel of John commentry by Bruce
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