Gr Hotels Essay

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GR Hotels Recommendation Report Prepared by Chris Mel (CMA) Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Executive Summary 3 Introduction 4 Situational Analysis 5 Financial Analysis 6 Alternatives 7 Recommendations 8 Implementation 9 Conclusion 10 Executive Summary GR Hotels Corporation is in the accommodations industry providing clean rooms and excellent service to travellers in Canada. GR Hotels Corporation is a widely recognized brand and aims to improve occupancy rate and attract other types of travellers. Due to the nature of the industry, many opportunities and threats exist for GR Hotels Corporation. Shareholders and banks require the corporation to meet specific standards for having access to more financial sources. In order to meet the goals, GR Hotels has options which include improving either or both hotels, exercising an option to purchase land to either quickly sell the land for profit or enter a new market for business accommodations by building a conference center. Based on the different constraints and analyzing financial figures, it is suggested in order to improve current business; GR Hotels Corporation should upgrade the buildings and provide additional services to transition into an upscale and luxury rank. Doing so will increase profit and also continue to establish their brand by having clean rooms and excellent services. Introduction GR Hotels Corporation is a privately owned corporation that has two hotels located in Montreal and Toronto. After successfully establishing the brand, the company wishes to expand the business by either improving the statuses of the hotels or entering other business accommodation markets by creating conference centers. This report will highlight the goals and missions of the corporation and the steps that will be taken to achieve the goal. GR Hotels Corporation can either
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