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GPT1/Task 1 Community Health Practice 1 GPT1/Task 1 Community Health Practice Elizabeth Vorathavorn Student Id #: 000251187 GPT1/Task 1 Community Health Practice 2 A1. Community Description In the United States, Hispanic Americans is now one of the largest minority groups. One area where the population is well noted is in Southern California in the County of Orange. In Orange County the population size is 3,010,231 as of 2012 and the population of the ethnic group of Hispanics’ is 1,012,973 making this group 33.7% of the county’s population. Orange County is the third most populous county in California, making its leader Los Angeles County and San Diego County. Compared to other counties of the United States it is the sixth most populous county but at the same time it’s the smallest area‐wise county in Southern California. The history of Orange County started on July 26, 1769 in honor of Saint Anne. This now fully populated county was christened by Don Gaspar de Portola who was a Spanish expedition party leader. Once, before the development of this great county it was a picturesque valley and river. In the year 1869 a young expedition soldier and his nephew were given a Spanish land grand for the area and this is where they developed Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana for cattle grazing and productive farmland. In the year 1886 a man William H. Spurgeon bought 70 acres of the land from the expedition soldier family and built the town of Santa Ana. Orange County was separated from Los Angeles in 1889. Santa Ana is now known as the financial and governmental center of Orange

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