Gpa and Sat Scores' Relationship

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Standardized Tests Relationship between a test taker’s performance at High School and SAT Reshma Saldanha TABLE OF CONTENTS Abstract | 2 | Introduction | 2 | Data Description | 3 | Regression Analysis | 6 | Diagnostic tests on CLRM assumptions | 7 | Conclusion | 8 | I. Abstract College application process is an important step in the transition to college because a majority of schools require students to fulfill the application pre requisites before enrolling. One such pre requisite is fulfilling the requirement of taking either the SAT or ACT for admission in colleges in the USA. Extensive studies have been done on the relationship between race and ethnicity and the results on the SAT. This paper aims to understand the effects of a test takers performance at high school and the amount of time invested on the results of the Test. The sample for this analysis contains results of SAT scores for 629 individuals and general information and performance at high school. There exists a positive relationship between the performance of a student at high school and on the SATs. However, a marginal negative relationship between the study hours invested in the preparing for the test and the actual test itself. II. Introduction In modern times, Standardized Testing has been considered to be the most significant contributor to understanding psychology and it also is one of the most useful evaluation methods available for researches which are people intensive. However, standardized tests have been accused of being unfair, biased and discriminatory. Although, designed to promote fairness, the test content is alike across all administrations and Test conditions are the same for all test takers. One such test is the SAT. SAT is the most common tool utilized to assess whether a student is ready for collegiate studies. The test takes three

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