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Professor Rudolph Tinker Government 2302 18 January 2008 National Right to Life: Internet Assignment Report CRITIQUE OF “National Right to Life” The “National Right to Life” website is extremely informative. I was very interested to see that right at the very top of the website it had the most current news. I also noticed that it had today’s information as well. I noticed that although the website seems intended to inform you it also allows you to sign any active petitions they may have active. Access (Pros & Cons): Pros: Site opens up quickly and has an abundance of information. Although Roe vs. Wade has happened years ago, it allows the present to analyze it based on new information, perception, and ideas. The home page has lots of information and at the very end also allows for more information to be added as well. Unlike other websites I have visited it does not require me to download any special programs or ask me to become a registered member or active member in there group in order to view there page. This site has both text and images and allows you to decide which you would like to see. Cons: Some links if not quite a few were slow to pull up. This could be due to the fact that I have a slow computer or that the website has such an abundance of information it takes a little longer than other websites. This website although it provides an abundance of information, it can get very confusing. On one page you may be able to view information regarding roe vs. wade and on another you may access information on euthanasia. I feel that the website would be better organized based on a different way of organizing all of the information that is being provided. Design (Pros & Cons): Pros: I never really knew about this website until I did a Google search. Unless you are someone who never reads a book or listens to the

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