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Governors Island Address on Religious Tolerance Immigrants who settled and fought for liberty have built the Unites States of America. Two hundred and fifty years later, generations of these immigrants along with new ones are judging and an opposing the opening for a Muslim Mosque near the World Trade Center site. As Americans, do all classification of ethnicity qualify for freedom of speech and freedom of religion? Or does it only favor Christians and whites? In the article for Governors Island on Religious Tolerance(American Rhetoric) it states that there has been a huge controversial issue in regards to the building of a possible Muslim Mosque, just a block away from where the September 11, 2001 incident occurred 9 years ago. There are religious extremists of all types, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Tibetans, Spiritualists, not to mention so many more, but this is just an example of the different variety of religions, backgrounds and thinking of so many countries set under one nation. Families who have lost their loved ones are seeking help for the Mosque’s opposition. They are outraged for believing that this is just another threat to our society and by approving the to continue with the petition for the building of the Mosque, they fear for their lives and the lives of other as well. It is very understandable where these families are coming from, but by boycotting and empowering raicism will only promote more racism, from not only the Islamic community, but from possibly other religions too. Americans are being threaten by simply the thought of a proposed Mosque and are in deep pain and humiliation since the petitioned Muslim center is just a block away from the 911 incident. Living in the United States of America, we the people stand for our rights. The first Catholic parish in New York City is also located St. Peters, the first Catholic

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