Governments Doctors and the Media Essay

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“Governments, doctors and the media are right to tell us what to eat and what not to eat” Write a speech arguing for or against this opinion. In my opinion I disagree with this statement, I think that what we eat is our choice and people who want to eat a strict healthy diet can but do not need to try and enforce it on others. There are other reasons to why I disagree with this statement and I will explain them in more detail throughout my response. Firstly, people have the free will to eat what ever they like, it is there life and their choice. Yes doctors and media round the world have the right to follow what they say themselves and express that that is their opinion but they don’t need to try and make it a major part of everyone else’s life. Most people round the world have an ok diet they eat fatty foods some times maybe once twice a week but the majority of their meals that they have would be moderately healthy, and that is an ok way to life. Eating some bad foods once in a while is not going to harm you. Tell people what they can and what they cant eat is forcing them into a lifestyle that they themselves aren’t comfortable following, so there is no need to try and force it upon them. Secondly, governments are wrong to try and enforce on people what they can and cannot eat. It is wrong. They are there to run the country and keep it stable not attempt to get everyone to eat how they wont them to because it makes their country look better and more sustainable. Governments say that all of what they say is in peoples best interest and just looking out for their health, but all governments want is money for their country and its economy and healthy foods in supermarkets are more expensive than takeaway foods you could get off of the local high street. So the more people eat healthy the more healthy food wull be bought and the more money will then go

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