Government's Restriction On Research Essay

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Scientific research is an area where people’s ideas should hover freely, so that ingenious scientific discoveries and application could be born. As a result, many people, including the speaker, believe that this area should be free from government interference and regulations. However, I do not regard this argument as valid, due to the following reasons: Inevitably, resources available for scientific research is limited, therefore government must guide the direction of a nation’s scientific research to prevent repetitive projects and resultant wastage of funding and human talents. Additionally, by the regulation of government, researches that involve unethical issues and practices must be prohibited and basic researches that are essential for future development are to be promoted. As a field with such significant diversity and requirement for both materialistic and human resources, the direction of scientific research must be guided by government to maximize cost-effectiveness. Mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, astrology, medicine…with so many disciplines involved and countless projects to be conducted within each one, balance has to be maintained without excessive emphasis on particular “hot” topics and ignorance on certain important but unpopular subjects. It is common in research that hundreds of research groups are working on the same project with exactly same objectives and methods for competition of funding and opportunities of publication. One significant example would be the development of antibiotics in last century. During that time, hundreds of “me-too” analogs of certain novel antibiotics were developed by different companies, but only a few of them actually reached the market and benefited the patients with bacterial infection. Consequently, government’s action to regulate such repetitive and unproductive efforts in research field seems

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