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Government Shutdown Essay

  • Submitted by: carinachaa
  • on December 2, 2013
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English Comp 1
November 11, 2013
How Bad Has the Government Shutdown Hurt the Economy?
The government shutdown lasted 16 days, and in total, cost 6.6 million in work, with a back pay of $2 billion (Lowrey, A20). It cost many people their jobs which will have to be paid back. Government services which were delayed, like cancer studies, kids left out of Head Start, etc., will up the cost even more (Lowrey, A20). The government didn’t calculate how much this would all cost and what would be delayed because of it. Not only did it hurt the government, but it may have discouraged people from taking jobs in the government.
Annie Lowrey from the New York Times magazine called “The White House Puts Price on Government Shutdown”, which was published on November 8, 2013, to inform the people just exactly how much this shutdown cost us, not only economically, but socially. She is obviously against what the government is doing and how theyre doing it. Not only did they stop government services which helps families survive and people who get help from other services. Also, many were furloughed and lost pay due to it. Lowrey uses a variety of appeals and fallacies to convince readers that what the government has done will cost us more than what it should have.
In this article, Lowrey uses biased appeals and logos used by facts stated, ethos by references from authority, and pathos from information about how this hurt the middle class and people who rely on government help. Lowrey used information from the Obama Administration using information proving her point. She uses terms to describe companies such as “Sprawling state department to tiny export bank” to show that everyone was effected in workers being sent home (Lowrey, A20).
At first, Lowrey uses logos appeal to make the audience want to read on. For instance, she states, “Washington- Lost Work: 6.6 million days. Back Pay Costs: $2 billion. Private Sector Jobs Lost: 120,000.” (Lowrey, A20.) This information...

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