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Grace Alexus Policy, politics,ethics in nursing. Topic: Government shutdown 10/4/2013. Impact of government shutdown on system. It is sad to say that the gridlock in Washington has resulted in Government shutdown. This has not directly affected my personal care or my health care agency but in my opinion, the shutdown has affected systems that are run by the government in so many ways. To start with, National museums, including the Smithsonian Institution, National parks and the National Wildlife Refuge Systems were among the first places to close. This means that tourist attractions are closed leading to economic growth of the country continues to be affected negatively. Secondly, the federal funds that help states pay the costs of their unemployment programs are be affected depending on the length of the shutdown. Therefore, there are people in our communities that are going to bed hungry or are about to be homeless because they cannot afford to pay rent since they are no longer receiving their unemployment checks. Thirdly, applications for business loan guarantees and direct loans to small businesses ceased since the shutdown hence, impacting the engines of our economy and potentially slowing the economic recovery. Fourth, head start programs that are funded by the government remains closed, this has made not only many parents miss work because they have to stay home with their children but also, affecting the education foundation that is being laid to our children. Also, Women Infant and Children (WIC) remains closed till government resumes its duties. Two weeks ago on CNN TV one parent made a comment during an interview that, “my child is depended on the formula from WIC that means after the month of October, I do not know what is going to happen to my child, I have no other source of income, I might rely on food banks” Parents may need to make

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