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Government Shutdown Essay

  • Submitted by: CharlesNK01
  • on October 9, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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“Islam and democracy are necessarily incompatible.”
            In recent times, Muslims have started coming to the understanding that their religion is fundamentally not compatible with Democracy. From an Islamic point of view, it is Allah who guarantees man’s life his freedom and by extension man’s life remains under the supervision of Allah. Thus by extension Muslims reserve no right to reject the Shariah and its reach in their lives. Evidently, up to this no Arab nation or ruler under Islam has ever made the decision   or even dared to think that they can amend the Shariah’s obligations to suit the ‘modern day world’ Evidently, It is true that Islam as a religion and its laws are incompatible with the peoples rule, which is the essence of democracy. This is because it largely suggests and stipulates that the Rule of the people exclusively belongs to Allah.  
            The main reason for this perception of incompatibility is that, the Islamic legal system, the Sharia, extends itself well outside the religious realms thus infringing on the economic and social aspects of life as well. In modern democracies these two aspects mainly fall under civil state jurisdiction. For example countries like Somalia, Iran, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and probably a handful of other Islamic nations, can simply never be democracies. This is largely because the leadership does not submit and report to the people but instead reports to the Ayotollahs and Imams who are religious figures. In such a setting democracy can simply never happen, and even if elections were to take place in supposedly free and fair manner they would simply be a sham, since they are already botched by religious interference.
            Should we even assume that democracy and Islam could co- exist. The International community demands that for a country to be considered a democracy it should adhere to certain criteria that should grant such recognition. A good example is...

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