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Your post for this week’s discussion was well researched and written. The roles of the actors in the criminal justice system are very important. Everyone involved must give their best because people’s lives are counting on them to serve and protect them from wrong doing. According to (, n.d.), the criminal justice systems include several major subsystems, composed of one or more public institutions and their staffs: police and other law enforcement agencies; trial and appellate courts; prosecution and public defender offices; probation and parole agencies; custodial institutions ( jails, prisons, reformatories, halfway houses, etc.); and departments of corrections (responsible for some or all probation, parole, and custodial functions). The Federal, State, and Local entities all have their own set up, but they all mirror the last statement. This is where the system seems to error from time to time when all three court systems are involved. What happens is that so many different actors are involved with the same case and have different ways of doing business, which causes problem in the criminal justice system. For example somebody could be convicted at the local level of the courts system and appeal to the Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court decides to hear the case, they may decide to overturn the ruling at the local courts. Now in most cases this works out for the best, but in some the guilty go free because the Supreme Court interprets the law differently than the local courts did. An example where the Supreme Court made a correct ruling was in the case Miranda v. Arizona. The Supreme Court overturned Miranda’s conviction because he was not properly informed of his rights during a custodial interrogation (, n.d.). By the Supreme Court overturning this case it established the Miranda Warnings that every person is read before they are
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