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Martin Luther King and president Abraham Lincoln had some similarities, which lead Martin Luther King to agree yet disagree with his council. The thought as to how both Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King both thought that it would be tragic if an anarchy would establish; was key. Violence and the way one would reason with society was also another important aspect when it came to the council and Martin Luther King’s views in regards to the whole segregation and civil rights ordeal. Civil disobedience was King’s main point in his fight for rights of all colored people in the United States, which would allow convincing Lincoln’s beliefs that were necessary to secure order and perpetuate our institutions. The establishment of anarchy made everyone in any kind of society to be frightened, if they aren’t use to having some sort of public government. King did agree with Abraham Lincoln in regards to anarchy because if anarchy were to come into action King’s views of law and order would then become extinct. Lincoln was afraid of anarchy because of the fact that the mob laws at this time were becoming more and more frequent. Lincoln was also afraid that the mobs will also then be protected by the public government. Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King would agree that the bad laws would be better than anarchy. Although, King believes that yes these bad laws may be better than anarchy, but he would take this argument to the next step and fight for the bad laws to the become better ones. This is where king may agree yet disagreeing in some areas of the argument. King and Lincoln may have fought for some of the same reasons, but King still had his own views and opinions as well. King brought up the thought of how when “injustice is anywhere it would then become a threat to justice everywhere.” King also mentioned that rather than focusing on the effects of injustice

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