Government Health Regulation Argument Paper

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According to the San Francisco Tribune, ’Economists say that obesity costs the economy 190$ billion dollars annually in health care and productivity. A scary number that dictates the issue at hand with obesity for Americans. It’s a hard choice to choose between supporting government regulation however because of the strain obesity has on our society today, the effectiveness government regulation have on keeping people healthy and because America is really fat. I support government regulation to the extent needed. First off, obesity has a large strain on our society. As stated above by the San Francisco tribune, Economists have found that 190$ billion dollars is wasted on health care coverage and work force productivity. Even employers who may not be obese must deal with the strain of a chronically ill workforce, reinforcing the loss of productivity for American Companies. Though some may argue that government regulation is a intrusion of basic American rights that is not the case. Government regulation is to be used to help Americans make the healthier choice while being sufficient. For example, the soda cap that was applied only changes the default amount to a sufficient and healthier amount. However, they can purchase another one if they like. Limiting but not taking away. Secondly, government regulation actually has been proven to work to keep Americans healthy. Regulations make it easier for people to eat healthfully without having to think about it. They make the default choice the healthy choice. A recent study showed that in states with government regulations on eliminating junk food had lower obesity rates than those that didn’t. Further on, company campaigns are a large contributor to why America eats so much food. Therefore, when they’re are certain bans, taxes and age limits the final outcome is fewer fat Americans. Don’t believe me? Just take a

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