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Destynee Witzel Mr. Dion Government, Block 6 17 February 2013 Is the HMS a metaphor to a state? In the movie Master and Commander, the ship entitled the HMS meaning Her Majesty Ship shows all four characteristics to define it as a state. It has a form of government, it shows sovereignty, it has territory and lastly it has a population. Evidence of how the ship meets all four of these characteristics will be shown below. In order to have a population it must have a vast amount of humans who exist on the land or in the case the ship. The HMS is made up of the midshipmen as well as the surgeon, the wife to the station Commandment, the gunner, the carpenter, the first lieutenant and more. This ship contains a population made up of people that all partake in one goal together. The goal in this case is to find the French ship. Now in order for this ship to be defined as a state it must also have territory. The territory in this case would be the ship itself. An example of when the ship meets foreign policy would be when the ship is fighting other ships. The HMS does not exceed the territory guideline to a far extent but it still has a territory which means it could still classify as a state. One of the more important things the HMS needs to have in order to be classified as a state would be to have a form of government. In this case the HMS meets the qualifications of a dictatorship as well as an autocracy. An autocracy is when the power is in the hands of one. In this case it would be captain Aubrey. An example of when the captain shows independence is when it is decided that they do not follow the exact rules they were given but instead they exceeded that and take a different route. In the beginning they were ordered by the king of England to find the French ship on the coast of Brazil. But instead Aubrey ends up leading them around the cape horn and back up

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