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418 U.S. GOVERNMENT MANUAL Sources of Information Commission decisions are published bimonthly and are available through the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402. The Commission’s Web site includes recent decisions, a searchable database of previous decisions, procedural rules, audio recordings of recent public meetings, and other pertinent information. Requests for Commission records should be submitted in accordance with the Commission’s Freedom of Information Act regulations. Other information, including Commission rules of procedure and brochures explaining the Commission’s functions, is available from the Executive Director, Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission, 601 New…show more content…
banking organizations. It supervises State-chartered banks that are members of the System, all bank holding companies, and Edge Act and agreement corporations (corporations chartered to engage in international banking). The Board has jurisdiction over the admission of State banks and trust companies to membership in the Federal Reserve System, the termination of membership of such banks, the establishment of branches by such banks, and the approval of bank mergers and consolidations where the resulting institution will be a State member bank. It receives copies of condition reports submitted to the Federal Reserve Banks. It has power to examine all member banks and the affiliates of member banks and to require condition reports from them. It has authority to require periodic and other public disclosure of information with respect to an equity security of a State member bank that is held by 500 or more persons. It establishes minimum standards with respect to installation, maintenance, and operation of security devices and procedures by State member banks. Also, it has authority to issue cease-anddesist orders in connection with violations of law or unsafe or unsound banking practices by State member banks and to remove directors or officers of such banks in certain circumstances, and it may suspend member banks from the use of the credit facilities of the Federal Reserve System for making undue use of bank credit for speculative purposes or for any other purpose inconsistent with the maintenance of sound credit conditions. The Board may grant authority to member banks to establish branches in foreign countries or dependencies or insular possessions of the United States, to invest in the stocks of banks or corporations engaged in international or foreign banking, or to invest in foreign banks. It also charters, regulates, and supervises certain corporations that engage in foreign or

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