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“The Early life of Tupac Amaru Shakur” Who is the greatest rapper of all time? Now this a opinionated question and the answer really has no right or wrong. But it’s not that hard for us to determine that Tupac Shakur is one of the most successful and prolific rappers of all time. After all, not only did he modernize the modern day rap industry, he also revolutionized it. But how many of Tupac’s fans and followers have actually taken the time to know his life’s story before he became famous, before he became rich, and before he set the standard of what all West Coast rappers should or should not be. Honestly to me it’s very unique. Well to begin with, Tupac Means 2 was born in Manhattan, New York on June 26th, 1971. This is interesting because fans and critics identify him as only a west coast rapper. Although many people may know him as the one and only Tupac Shakur his actual birth name is Lesane Parrish Crooks. The name “Tupac” actually originates from an Incan war hero that lead a revolt against the invading Spanish conquistadors. The names “Shakur” and “Amaru” have their own individual specific meaning it literally means royal serpent and shining serpent in Quechua and in Arabic it translates to thankful to god (“Tupac Shakur Biography” 1). Tupac’s mother Afeni was pregnant with Tupac while serving jail time for bombing charges and plotting conspiracies against the United States Means 3 government (“Tupac Shakur biography” 2). She eventually gave birth to her son (Tupac) just one month after her acquittal on more than 100 charges on crimes against the government. Tupac had a rough childhood growing up, he really had no
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